Excerpts and descriptions of the locations and points of interest throughout Halruaa.

Once the seat of power for Zalathorm, before he relocated to Halarrah. The port city can be dangerous to those not familiar with it.

The magocratic capital of Halruaa nad the seat of Netyarch Zalathorm’s power.

Akhkaur Swamp
An unchecked ecology of bizarre and dangerous creatures, the swamp ofers a hiding place to any not wishing to be seen.

A frontier town on the edge of the Ahkhaur Swamp, it has recently been ravaged by a terrible plague.

Jiles’ Observatory
The home of the odd astronomer Jiles the Beige, it is host his research into the Far Realm.

The Twilight Spire
So named because the ghostly tower only appears at dusk, the home of Ymrius Barvalt is thought by many to be nothing but a fairytale.

Mithrendain, the Autumn City
Once a fortress city on the Feywild, guarding against encroachment from the Feydark, Mithrendain now lies in ruins, overtaken by the Drow centuries ago, and over run by the Feydark.


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