• Austis Farharrow

    Austis Farharrow

    The head cleric of Mystra in the frontier town of Moorhaven.
  • Elbrecht


    A mysterious character, posing as a Mystran cleric, who secretly conducts malicious experiments into undeath.
  • Jiles the Beige

    Jiles the Beige

    The eccentric wizard conducts research into the Far Realm from his observatory in Akhkaur swamp.
  • Kork the Landlord

    Kork the Landlord

    Kork is a hotheaded young orc who dreams of making it big.
  • Laranar and the Fey Company.

    Laranar and the Fey Company.

    An elite company of specialized Eladrin Soldiers, led by the veteran Laranar Maelyl
  • Radan 'the Bear'

    Radan 'the Bear'

    the dwarf merchant and proud owner of a garishly painted caravan drawn by a pair of massive bears, Kalash and Missy.
  • Traelling Whitebough

    Traelling Whitebough

    An Eladrin councillor, who lived in the now dead city of Mithrendain.
  • Ymrius Barvalt

    Ymrius Barvalt

    The twisted host of the ghostly Twilight Spire.