The wiki for our campaign, set in Halruaa, a southern region in the forgotten realms setting. Come, nerd out.

The setting:

Halruaa is tropical desert region, cradled by mountains, where magic is remarkably common. Ruled by Netyarch (wizard-king) Zalathorm Kirkson in the capital city of Halarahh, the fabled, quiet and wealthy magocracy is justly depicted as full of wonder. Created by archwizards foreseeing the fall of Netheril, Halruaa combines the peace and harmony of Cormyr with the magic powers of Thay. Nearly all arcane casting Halruaans are wizards, with one third of the total populace having some sort of magical powers. With such ever-present power, it is likely their strict laws or perhaps their inherent nature has prevented their entire nation from being reduced to dust and ash years ago.

However not all of Halruaa is so strictly governed, the port city of Halagard is home to pirates, traders, refugees, thieves and various magical institutions, all vying for supremacy. The savage Ahkaur swamp is host to lizardfolk, marauding clans of orcs, and serves as hiding place for many wishing to keep their actions hidden. And a new, mysterious threat is being whispered of in the capitals, and has set the entire region on edge.

The Players:

you can find player, character and NPC bios under the character tabs, and follow the adventures through the adventure log.

The Shining South

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