Ymrius Barvalt

The twisted host of the ghostly Twilight Spire.


Ymrius had, at one point, been the son of the wealthy merchant Hroamir Barvalt, and a successful trader in his own right. The fable of the Twilight Spire tells that Ymrius fell in love with the stars and squandered his fortune in order to build a tower to reach them.

However in reality Ymrius had been enthralled by the dread star Thuban, through a sliver of the Far Realm entity that had made it’s way into our reality, now known as the Shard of Thuban. The star instructed Ymrius to build the spire as a focus for its power on the Prime.

Ymrius died before he could finish construction, but, not finished with him, Thuban ressurected him, filling him with a portion of the star’s unnatural power. Warped and twisted beyond recognition, the now-mad Ymrius harnesses his new power to continue construction on the ghostly tower, attempting to bridge the two realities.

Ymrius Barvalt

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