Jiles the Beige

The eccentric wizard conducts research into the Far Realm from his observatory in Akhkaur swamp.


Jiles was formerly an adventuring companion of Austis Farharrow, but after their unsuccessful attempt to find the fabled Twilight Spire, ending in the death of their fellow adventurers, Austis and Jiles parted ways.

Jiles appears very old, and frail, but can be quite spry under pressure. His age is unknown, and he often references events he could not possibly have been around for, judging by human life expectancies.

Jiles lives now at his observatory in the treacherous Akhkaur swamp, where he esperiments with reality, researching the Far Realm and occasionally studying the stories of the Twilight Spire, trying to find the missing piece of the puzzle.


Jiles the Beige

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