A mysterious character, posing as a Mystran cleric, who secretly conducts malicious experiments into undeath.


Elbrecht appears young, with golden hair, hazel eyes and bronzed skin. He had been a cleric under Mystra, posted on the frontier in Akhkaur. Elbrecht had been well liked, and was said to hav an aptitude for rituals and magical items.

His time in the clergy had been a ruse, however, and had been using the time and access to books and ingredients to collect items for a ritual he believes will turn him into a god. In an experiment into the effects of undeath, he unleashed a plague on Moorhaven that killed and raised large amounts of the town before he was stopped by the heroes.

The cult followers of Vecna want him dead, as the ritual he pursues is the same that made Vecna into a god. Nothing else yet is known about Elbrecht, though if he succeeds in the ritual there is little way to know what he would do with the power.


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