Austis Farharrow

The head cleric of Mystra in the frontier town of Moorhaven.


Austis Farharrow appears middle-aged. He is tall, with dark eyes and greying hair that is kept neat. Austis is welcoming to travelers, though he spends the majority of his time in the small monastery in the centre of town. As the head cleric of the Mystran church in Moorhaven, he has charged himself with protecting the town from the surrounding Akhkaur swamp, and very few in Moorhaven know more about events going on outside the town.

There are rumors throughout town that Austis had, at one point, been an adventurer before entering the church, and though very few know the events leading to his now quiet life, he maintains strange and exotic contacts, some of which pass through Moorhaven from time to time, such as the dwarf Radan ‘the Bear’ and the reclusive astonomer, Jiles the Beige.

Austis Farharrow

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