The Shining South

Splitting the Party

The party discover Austis's adventuring past, and galivant off to find his comrade.

After a few weeks of rest, and assisting Moorhaven to restabilize after the plague, Austis Farharrow visits the party with the findings from Elbrechts’ quarters. the group are given a journal containing nonsensical ramblings, a sparse passages concerning Mystra and Cyric, and the names of the adventurers themselves, dated years ago. Along with this they find lists of alchemical and arcane ingredients.

After quizzing Austis, the party learn of his past as an adventurer, and his failed search for the Twilight Spire, supposedly hidden in the marsh. As the Shard of Thuban, fabled to be in the Spire, is one of the items on the list, Austis requests you seek out his former companion Jiles, as he suspects he may still be seeking the Spire, and thus be in danger from Elbrecht. Austis has organized transport with the dwarven merchant, Radan the Bear, and his caravan.

Upon reaching Jiles Observatory, far into the swamp, the party is confronted with horrors from the Far Realm, and discover that the mad astronomer has opened a rift between realities that they attempt to close. The party face nightmares, illusions, and psionic attacks before managing to seal the breach.

At the parties request, Jiles further explains the story of the ghostly Twilight Spire and the necromancer, Ymrius Barvalt, and points the group in the direction of the key to the tower hidden in the Barvalt family crypt.

Transporting the party outside the delapidated mausoleum, they cautiously venture in to find empty caskets and graves, and are harrassed by the spirits belonging to the missing bodies. Once fought off and put to rest by Razvahn, the party searched the crypt for signs of the key, finding and dispelling an illusory wall, they come face to face with the skeletal guardian of the crypt, and shadow constructs of some of the fiercest monsters in existence. With determination and a lot of blood, and some casualties, the adventurers manage to destroy the guardian and claim the spherical black key…



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