The Shining South


the adventurers meet on the road, and band together to help the plagued town, Moorhaven.

The port city of Halagard is regarded derisively by many as ‘the crossroads’, as very few people would choose to settle here, and instead find themselves passing through. Perhaps as a traveller or refugee whose ship is on its way elsewhere, or as a merchant, who has decided to find safer towns to sell their wares. Halagard can be a dangerous city, and the saying goes that no one finds themselves at the Crossroads without wanting to end up somewhere else.

The adventurers find themselves, as everyone else, on their way elsewhere, and have banded together on the road out of neccessity. Each uncomfortable sharing their reasons for travelling. Except Tarja. Who wants a sword.

Encountering refugees travelling the opposite way, the part discovers that the small frontier town of Moorhaven, situated on the border of the Akhkaur swamp, has been beset by a strange disease. The party reach the outskirts of town to find the town devastated by a plague that is quickly killing the inhabitants, and seems particularly set on the Mystran clergy who are quarantined inside the church. After a slight misunderstanding with the local irregulars, players meet Austis Farharrow who explains the waterborne, magical nature of the plague. he asks them to seek out the Oswins, a couple who live outside the town’s border, and may know how to find the entrance to the spring that is the source of the town’s water supply. Austis also requests they locate Elbrecht, a younger cleric who has gone missing but who often spends time outside the town walls.

Not far into the swamp, the party are beset by a poor ambush attempt by some displaced and panicked Kobolds who are rummaging through an abandoned campsite. Some of the Kobolds display outward signs of infection. Tarja’s attempts to diffuse the situation don’t go as planned, ending in the routing of the Kobold pack and the capture of a frightened, mute Kobold, who signs his confusion frantically.

Unable to extract information, and finding little of value in the campsite, the party travels further in the direction of the Oswin Cabin. Upon reaching the cabin, they find the Oswins murdered and squatting in the house is a large Orc who announces himself as Kork the Landlord. The party discovers that Kork had been living in an underground grotto nearby, the entrance to the spring, before being ousted by frightened Kobolds. Tarja convinces Kork to lead them there, but not before Kork is sure the adventurers can beat the Kobolds. after a quick skirmish, a bloodied Kork concedes, and leads them to the entrance of the grotto…



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