The Shining South

Into the Wilds

The party take a trip into the memories of an elite Fey Company, Bel'Estior's family history, and predetermined death.

Emerging with the key in hand, the party find Jiles and his groundskeeper, Kallis Moonshae waiting for them. Returning to the observatory with the key in hand, the party have no idea what to do with it now that they have it. Neither does Jiles. While he examines the orb, he has prepared a ritual that will show Bel’Estior his father’s last moments, and reveal his family heritage.

The party, along with Kallis, complete the ritual and find themselves in the bodies of Eladrin soldiers, in the court of Mithrendain, the Autumn City. Knowing from history that Mithrendain is destined to fall, the party don’t feel so good about the scenario. The group are greeted by Traelling Whitebough, a politician and close friend of Bel’Estior’s father, who tells them of the tense climate in the city and an ongoing conflict with encroaching Drow. Traelling sets them on a task to deactivate the magical barriers in the city in order to be able to attack the Drow forces reportedly attempting to sneak into the city.

The party convince the guardians of the barrier stones to take a break, and go to work deactivating the barier. Having done so, the adventurers travel to the borders of the city to confront the Drow forces. Not expecting the barrier to be down, the party launches a surprise attack and devastates the Drow forces, however not before they can open a gateway to the Drow city, and a single female Drow steps through.

The emissary begins to brutally attack the fey soldiers, and although the fight was long and and occasionally the party seemed to have the upper hand, one by one they fell, until only Razvahn stood. At which point Traelling steps forward to greet the Drow, and betray the party. He leads the Drow forces into the city as the fey company dies.

Snapped back to reality in the observatory, they find Jiles has been killed by an eruption of energy from the key he was studying, which has projected star charts against the walls. The party bury Jiles, study the charts, and rest, preparing to finish what Jiles had started, and find the Spire…



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