The Shining South

Into the Grotto.

The party delves into the cave that supposedly connects to Moorhaven's plagued water supply.

The party descend into the damp grotto, and discover Korks’ abandoned home and a burnt body in blue and white, Mystran barding, that had been rigged with a trap. Bel’estior takes the initiative, and sets of the trap, defeaning the party and announcing their presence to anything else in the cave.

The group reach a ramp, and overhear the mad chattering of Kobolds at the top, the Kobolds, equally frightened and sick as those outside, quickly attack, and during combat the party discovers that even contact with the pools of water in the cave are enough to cause infection, as Tarja contracts the plague, but manages to hide it from her companions. they also discover a rusted ritual dagger, who Jonn recognizes as belonging to a follower of the evil god Gruumsh, and recalls that a temple to gruumsh, that had been built by orc clans and had sunk into the swamp centuries ago, where Moorhaven had recently been built.

As they travel deeper, the party discover a hollow full of enthralled spiders, strapped to tubes and strange equipment, apparently being used to incubate the plague. After narrowly surviving the encounter with the giant spiders, the party destroys the equipment and kill the spiders being ‘milked’.

The party find themselves stuck on one side of a wide underground river of the plagued water, but Jonn, Razvahn and Bel’estior manage to leap across the narrow, slippery rocks, and throw a rope back for Tarja, who was having none of it. On the other side, the adventurers round another narrow passage to find a handful of Kobolds barracaded in a corner, beset by shambling undead villagers and Kobolds alike, and players deduce that this state is the final goal of the Moorhaven plague. The Kobolds assist the party in fending off the corpses, before scurring away to safety.

The players search the empty cavern and at the cost of Razvahn’s religious code, discover a newly made entrance to the old, sunken temple of Gruumsh one eye…



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