The Shining South

In the House of Gruumsh.

The party ventures into the sunken temple of Gruumsh, god of bad things.

The party enter an enourmous underground cavern, into which have fallen the ruins of the temple of Gruumsh. Entering the decrepit ruins, the party are stopped by four large orcish statues, designed to bar the way against intruders. As the party are quizzed by the statues, Razvahn and Bel’Estior each gruesomly lose their left eye, and Bel’Estior has the mark of Gruumsh burnt into his chest, branded as an enemy of Gruumsh. When the statues return to their podiums, the party discovers that it was a defensive illusion, but although their eyes remain intact, Bel’Estior’s brand is very real.

Venturing further into the temple, the party find that part of the temple has been converted into a bizarre laboratory, occupied by strange scientists in black robes and long crow masks, who are experimenting with the plague on verious live subjects. The party quickly destroy the laboratory and the doctors, and Razvahn performs the rites of the Raven Queen for the test subjects as the group dispose of them.

Traversing the ruins following the sound of running water, the group find a massive island suspended above the ruins by chains, after Tarja stands back and lets the others hurt themselves deciphering the mechanism, she steps in and activates the mechanism, slowly lowering the suspended island to the edge of the broken platform.

On the platform, the party are confronted by Raja Brokentooth, the last remaining orc shaman of the Brokentooth clan that had built the temple, and Elbrecht, the young cleric they had been tasked with finding. Elbrecht, however, seemingly horrified and infuriated by the party’s intrusion, sets the grizzled orc on them and promptly vanishes into thin air.

After a tense high altitude fight with Raja and his Golem, the party send them plummetting into the underground lake below, and with the shamans death, the magical plague is lifted from the wellspring.

Once back in Moorhaven, Austis suggests they recuperate at the Last Stand Inn, while the clergy sift through Elbrecht’s quarters for any insights into the recent events.



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