The Shining South

Host of the Year

The party find the Twilight Spire, and it's twisted occupant.

The party exits Jiles’ observatory, but find that Radan and his caravan have fled, apparently in the middle of battle. the heroes are confronted by cultists of Vecna, the evil god of the undead, who demand the key, the map and Elbrecht’s journal. Naturally, they decline, and begin to slaughter the cultists before Radan returns, with several more cultists following him and the caravan.

The party jump aboard and race off, but find themselves being chased by outriders, and dealing with an incapacitated Driver. In a high speed chase, the party fend off the cultist attack from the top of the caravans while Kallis steers the wagons. Jonn discovers that his sword has an opinion of its own and wants his dead, which suits Jonn just fine, and Razvahn captures the last remaining cultist for interrogation. Razvahn discovers that the cult is also trying to stop Elbrecht, as he is attempting to recreate the ritual that made Vecna a god, a secret they believe belongs with Vecna.

The remaining trip being uneventful, other than the discovery of Jiles’ cat stowed away onboard, the caravan reaches the location of the Spire by nightfall, where the ghostly tower materializes. Deciphering the key and the puzzle involved in unlocking the door, the party ventures inside where they are greeted by the voice of Ymrius, host of the Spire. Ymrius beckons them up to meet him, and after Kallis combing the area for traps, they travel up the spiralling ramp.

On the second floor of the Spire they find Ymrius’ horrific manufactory of animated skeletons, busy flaying corpses and using necromantic magic to create more skeletons. The heroes ambush the skeletons and destroy them after a lengthy fight. the group only manages a short time to rest before Ymrius’ servant construct the Cadaver Collector returns with fresh corpses for the manufactory. After a difficult fight with the construct, it ended with Kallis reaching into the collector’s chest and tearing out its magical core. Ymrius again berates the heroes, and opens a gateway to the second half of the tower, so that he might meet them personally…



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